Why you need a unified
Data Operating System

Managing and utilizing your full data potential can be an immense challenge in complex data landscapes with a lack of integrated data strategies. The challenges include ensuring data quality, achieving regulatory compliance, preserving transparency and facilitating cross-team collaboration, which are paramount in extracting value from your data assets.

We provide a DataOS to manage the full data lifecycle effortlessly and efficiently, using your own compute and storage. It simplifies data management, enforces security measures, and ensures adherence to compliance standards without compromising on efficiency and flexibility. This enables you to unlock the potential of your data, fostering better decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency, regardless of your native data proficiency.

Simplified DataOps

DataOps is difficult - Wayfare DataOS makes it easy to get started and grow your data maturity

Improved Data Governance Posture

Reduce non-compliance risks with our in-depth data governance tools

Increased ROI on Data Initiatives

Collaborate on data assets efficiently across teams, getting the most out of your data

Without Wayfare DataOS
Inefficiencies from data being scattered across systems
Time spent on manual processes and maintenance of data flows
Lack of transparency and unclear ownership
Manual and error-prone data access controls
With Wayfare DataOS
Centralized management for seamless integration and insights
Automated workflows boosting efficiency and data quality
Transparency, traceability, and clear ownership of data assets
Automated compliance policies help mitigate risk

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

From drug discovery to sales and marketing, Wayfare can power your data operations in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sectors.

  • Build a traceable, secure, and extendable MDM solution on top of your data warehouse following FAIR principles
  • Integrate regulatory information from Veeva Vault with your customer experience team to improve customer alignment
  • Generate AI-driven next-best actions for Sales Reps in Veeva CRM or IQVIA OCE with Wayfare reverse-ETL

Financial Services

Wayfare combines strict data governance tools with an easy-to-use platform suited to the regulatory context of financial services providers.

  • Build a comprehensive and traceable risk reporting setup, suited for BCBS 239 and RDARR supported by Wayfare’s column level lineage and data quality features
  • Optimize the accuracy of SARs through on-prem consolidation of local, high-volume data sources
  • Enhance your risk management processes in compliance with Basel III requirements with our data governance suite

Marketing and Finance Operations

Wayfare enhances analytics in marketing and finance with seamless data integration for strategic insights and efficiency.

  • Iterate quickly on marketing analytics, leveraging unlimited full refresh driven by our hybrid model
  • Combine your disparate data sources and gain a 360° overview of your business
  • Build accurate and up-to-date revenue forecasting and cash flow models with our pre-built connectors to leading platforms

No AI without great data

Create a strong foundation for AI with DataOS from Wayfare