Turbo-charge your data journey with wayfare.ai

The wayfare.ai platform enables the Modern Data Stack in enterprises, allowing you to focus on value creating activites such as Business Intelligence, AI & Machine Learning, and Reverse-ETL

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Analytics people, look no further

We empower you with best-in-class platform features

Need to own your data? No problem

Our hybrid deployment matches your compliance and security needs

Best-in-class hub

Easily manage everything related to your data flows, workspaces and users in one place

Build a data mesh, not a data swamp

Trace your entire data journey on field-level, even in complex data landscapes

Built for DevOps

Leverage and comply with modern DevOps and version control practices

Add data tests anywhere, easily

We include easy-to-use data unit tests, ensuring that data quality meets your expectations

Great operations

Integrates into your existing operations stack - use the tools you already use for logging, alerts, IAM.

Documentation that doesn't suck

Embed documentation where it makes sense – automatically organized and easily searchable

Data integrations made easy

Leverage pre-built connectors to leading data platforms and SaaS tools to get up and running in minutes, or build your own

Four simple steps to always-up-to-date, high quality data

Step 1: Select your data sources

Pick the connector you want from the catalogue

Step 2: Setup your data warehouse connector

Configure your data warehouse connector in the UI

Step 3: Create a data model in your warehouse

Configure your flow and build your model with SQL

Step 4: Deploy your flow

Spin up an agent in your environment and execute your flow


Your data will now automatically sync, and you can start using the data

Move towards the business-centric Modern Data Stack

Leveraging modern cloud tech, it breaks down silos and empowers teams working data.

With wayfare.ai, building a modern data stack has never been easier.

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    Focus on business value - not on IT

    The Modern Data Stack has collaboration and self-service at its core. This leads to higher quality and faster deliverables.

    Use wayfare.ai to put the focus on creating business value instead of building IT systems

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    Get the most out of your cloud

    With the cloud comes both compute and storage abundances. In traditional IT, this can lead to data swamp-like situations, with dead data lying around.

    Use wayfare.ai to leverage the Modern Data Stack's approach to governance, visibility and self-service to fully realize the potential of cloud.

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    Align quicker

    With a traditional setup, the business needs to describe requirements, hand them over to IT, and hope they receive what they want 6 months down the road.

    Spoiler Alert - this often leads to delays and refactor work.

    Leverage wayfare.ai to make collaboration and alignment easier from project start to go-live.

Understand your data with lineage tools from wayfare.ai

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